Questions and Answers

Isn't a Mobile Website Good Enough?

* A mobile website may not be good enough.
* Your competitors may be developing apps.
* Develop an App that is better than your competitors.

How Will My App Make Money?

* It depends on the goals of your app.
* You could use an app for customers to order products such as food or products.
* If you are using your App as a contact database you could run advertisements on your app to bring in more money.
* Customers could pay for your app so they don't have to watch ads.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

* It depends on the Scope of your app and how much custom coding is required.
* Your App Developers will write a thorough Scope document to understand what the app will do and how much it will cost.

Who Owns the App?

* It will be outlined in the project scope that you are the owner of the app.
* Any updates to the App should be completed by Your App Developers due to the custom code developed by our Programmers.
* We will give you a written quote before any modifications are made to your App.

What is the Aim of Your Mobile App?

* Obtain orders from existing clients.
* Contact members about changes in sporting programs.
* Advise customers about their order being available for pickup or delivery
* Contact customers about their outstanding invoices.

Why Should I Outsource Mobile App Development?

* Your core business is in servicing your customers.
* If your core service is not in app development then you won’t have the resources for developing apps.
* We have the software, the people and the experience to develop an App to meet your needs.

How Important is the Design of Your Mobile App?

* The design is crucial to the success of your app.
* The app design needs to be logical and follow an expected sequence so it is easy to use.
* This will ensure users will have a good acceptance of the app.

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