Questions and Answers

Isn't a Mobile Website Good Enough?

No a mobile website may not be good enough. If your competitors have developed apps for their customers, then your customers might be checking out these apps and wanting to use your competitors services. To secure your customers it would be a good idea to develop an app that is better than your competitors.

How Will My App Make Money?

It depends on the goals of your app. You could use your app for customers to order products or services such as ordering food or products. Your customers will have an account set-up and this can be used on an app. If you are using your App as a contact database, you could run advertisements on your app which bring you some money. Customers could pay to purchase your app so they don’t have to watch ads.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

It depends on the Scope of your app and how much custom coding is required. Your App Developers will write a thorough Scope document so that you can understand what the app will do and how much it will cost.

Who Owns the App?

It will be outlined in the project scope that you will be the owner of the app. Any updates to the App should be completed by Your App Developers due to the custom code that is developed by our programmers.

What is the Aim of Your Mobile App?

Be sure that you have an end goal and some requirement for your app so that your app can be developed in line with your needs. App Goals could include to: * Obtain orders from existing clients * Contact members about changes in sporting programs * Advise customers about their order being available for pickup or delivery * Contact customers about their outstanding invoices

Why Should I Outsource My Mobile App Development

Your core business is in servicing your customers. If your core service is not in app development then you won’t have the resources for developing apps. At Your App Developers, we have the software, the people and the experience to develop an App to meet your needs.

How Important is the Design of the Mobile App?

The design is crucial to the mobile app. The app design needs to be logical and follow an expected sequence so that it is easy to use. This will ensure that users will have a good acceptance of the app.

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