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Modbury Bowling Club App

Included in the Modbury Bowling Club App:

  • Club Sponsors with promotions, locations and contact information.
  • Bowls SA club list with locations, directions and contact information for other teams in the competition.
  • Access to Google Maps to show the locations and directions for all the clubs in the competition.
  • Upcoming events and the latest news for the Modbury Bowling Club.
  • Pennant teams for the Modbury Bowling Club.
  • Members list requiring authentication to access.
  • Digital membership card with access.
  • Club information including Committee members, positions and contact numbers.
  • Weather for the club’s location.
  • Downloads information from the website so no duplicate entries for the website and app.

Word Puzzles

  • Word Puzzles is a great game that will test your word skills.
  • Some say it is similar to Hangman other say is it more like Wheel of Fortune without the wheel, either way it is great fun to play.
  • With over 2500 puzzles in 18 categories to solve, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Color In - Family
Coloring In Book

  • Coloring in is not just for children.
  • Coloring in relieves built up stress and anxiety.
  • This app includes a 9 picture pack.
  • Includes 3 free images.
  • Relieve your stress and download the app today.

Ice Breakers

  • Warm up large groups.
  • Encourage shy people to participate.
  • Add some activity to boring meetings.
  • Bring complete strangers together.
  • Includes 3 free images.
  • Different ice breakers to suit any group.

Raffle Numbers

  • Superior algorithms for a unique sequence of random numbers every time
  • Highly visible display.
  • Select minimum and maximum numbers.
  • Only unique numbers are generated.
  • Ideal for raffles, lotteries and generating random numbers.

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