Modbury Bowling Club App

This is the Modbury Bowling Club app for members of the Modbury Bowling Club to ensure that the club stays in contact with members without phone calls or access to the Modbury Bowling Club website.

The Modbury Bowling Club app provides the following information to members:

  • Club Sponsors with promotions, locations and contact information.
  • Bowls SA club list with locations, directions and contact information for other teams in the competition.
  • Access to Google Maps to show the locations and directions for all the clubs in the competition.
  • Upcoming events and the latest news for the Modbury Bowling Club.
  • Pennant teams for the Modbury Bowling Club.
  • Members list requiring authentication to access.
  • Digital membership card with access.
  • Club information including Committee members, positions and contact numbers.
  • Weather for the club’s location.
  • Downloads information from the website so no duplicate entries for the website and app.

An internet connection is required to use the app.

Word Puzzles

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