Business Apps

App Uses


* Menus
* Special offers
* Booking tables
* Taking orders for take aways or deliveries


* Events Calendar
* Class Schedule
* Newsletters
* Gallery

Sporting Clubs

* Games Timetable
* Membership
* Newsletters
* Events
* Gallery


* Submitting Job Data
* Timesheets
* Job Bookings
* Link to Google Maps
* Process Payments

Medical Services

* Book Appointments
* Service Information
* Doctor Profiles
* Appointment Reminders
* Process Payments

Retail Sales

* Online purchases
* Processing payments
* Push Notifications
* Sales
* New Products Promotions

Modbury Bowling Club App

  • Modbury Bowling Club members have purchased Smart Phones just so they can have the app.
  • Most members are retirement age and have been able to use the app.
  • Push notifications are sent to members about events.
  • Members have access to game timetables and can watch their friends play.
  • There is a direct link from different clubs addresses to Google maps so members won’t get lost.
  • Members can obtain each others phone numbers if they have not elected for their phone number to be private.
  • All members can use the app and find out where they will be playing without calling the club.
  • Sponsors details are on the App so members can support them.

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