What is the App Development Process?

Your App Developers work with their clients 1:1 and appoint a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the project is running according to plan, within Scope, within budget and within time frames.  This is done by:

1. Having an initial meeting to discuss the Scope of the Project and expected outcomes for functionality.

2. A quote is developed from the Scope as either a Fixed Price (if the Scope has been clearly defined) or Time and Materials if the Scope has not been clearly defined (with only an estimate of price).

3. Regular meetings are undertaken either on a Weekly or Monthly basis to ensure the App development is rolling along.

4. An Internal Task List is developed to share with Business Success staff to ensure the project is developed according to Scope.

5. An External Task List is given to the client to ensure that all information required is provided.

6. Developing a prototype that can be tested on a few individuals to ensure full functionality.

7. Thorough testing of the app to ensure it is fully operational and debugging any problems that arise.

8. Approval for a Roll-out is given by the client when they are satisfied with functionality.

9. Rolling out the application and ensuring it meets project and client requirements.

10. Review and updating of the App as required.

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